About Hanecdote

Hanecdote’s Approach

My business’ ethos is the same as my ethos as a visual artist, to make art accessible to a wider audience, and help those who have been excluded from Western art history see themselves represented. I have a mixture of naughty and nice products which reflect the complexity of our existences. All of my products represent something I am passionate about.

Hanecdote’s Story

I first started Hanecdote in 2012, screen printing Hip Hop inspired tshirts by hand. Over the years and as I developed my hand embroidery skills, I started making patches which evolved into a whole range of Ghoul Guide patches representing fun hobbies and interests as well as Little Victories and Positivity patches to encourage mental health sufferers. Although I dont make patches anymore, I still aim to share my embroideries through art and postcards.

Meet the Team


Business Manager

Dad is the main reason the future of Hanecdote looks so bright. He has taken over general business stuff as well as finances, admin and postage. I couldnt do this without him!


Creative Advisor

Mum is one of my biggest inspirations, always advising me and suggesting new stitches to execute my ideas in more interesting ways.

Rogan Josh (brother)

Media Director

As well as keeping me sane on a day to day basis, Josh helps me out with everything visual and we’ve got a podcast together, Woke World.

Find him on twitter and instagram.