What We Do


I have previously worked with Dr Martens, Espolon Tequila, Tate Modern, Glamour and rapper Nadia Rose. Im always open to working with customers or brands on special one of a kind hand embroideries. If you would like to commission a hand embroidery, please contact me through Etsy.

Hanecdote Shop

You can purchase my products through Bigcartel or Etsy with Paypal or Stripe depending on your preferred method. All prices are the same across both platforms. I currently sell a range of t-shirts,  postcards and small hand embroideries.

Woke World

I work on projects with my brother including youtube and our new podcast.

Woke World is a project which aims to open up a dialogue about important topics. This ranges from current affairs to art and music. As siblings, we always want to be learning from each other, but also from other guest’s life experiences.